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I have a passion for incorporating curves into quilting and wanted to create something that would inspire fellow quilters to embrace them. The Buttons and Bows pattern features gentle curves, making it an excellent starting point for those venturing into curved piecing for the first time. Plus, it's a fantastic way to utilise your scrap collection!

The instructions are tailored for a throw quilt measuring 48" x 60" (120cm x 150cm), but since the design is block-based, it can be effortlessly adjusted to suit your desired size. Additionally, the blocks can be repurposed into cushions, table runners, or baby quilts.

The pattern includes:

  • Templates for both 6-inch and 8-inch blocks
  • Guidance on creating and utilising the templates
  • Instructions for machine piecing, though the quilt can also be hand-pieced
  • An alternate on-point layout option
  • A colouring sheet to help plan colour placement

Due to the scrap-friendly nature of the quilt, requirements are approximate:

  • 2 yards of coloured fabric for bows
  • 2.5 yards of light fabric for the background
  • Fat quarter or quarter yard for the check centre (cutting carefully to minimise waste).