Head Fabric Fanatic

I have the biggest stash of us all (by a narrow margin). With Sew & Co I am able to share the joy of crafting with Christchurch and fondle fabrics all day. I love the social aspect of stitching and am excited to be able to encourage new crafters to join us on this ride.


Sewcial Butterfly

I love all things hard to find. I love the eclectic mixture of old, vintage fabrics with bright modern prints; the more unusual, the better!


Special Ops

I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. Young at heart, I am the Sample Specialist. My stash competes with Ingrid's; we often find ourselves neck in neck. As well as sewing at any and all hours of the day, you can find me knitting and doing handwork.


Colour Enthusiast

I've been sewing since I was three (thanks to my very patient mother!) and I was the kid who was constantly putting all the pencils and crayons in colour order - I am obsessed with colours. It also gives me great joy to support other creatives with their projects, so Sew & Co is my dream 'home-away-from-home'.


Top Shop Dog

I am Frankie, the Top Shop Dog! I am a very sweet and gentle old girl. Even though I'm getting on in years, I love being around people and welcoming them to our shop. I love a soft pet on the head and will gladly watch you make a selection. If I'm here, come say hello!